About Our Partners

The California Channel Logo
The California Channel is a non-profit, public service news and information television network. CalChannel was created by the Center for Governmental Studies together with the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Southern California and first broadcast in 1991. CalChannel is recognized as “California’s CSPAN,” providing “gavel-to-gavel” California Legislature proceedings and other public interest forums, without commentary and with a balanced presentation of viewpoints. CalChannel is dedicated to delivering information “that matters” to California households, high school and college classrooms, and government and business offices. Broadcasting 24-7, CalChannel is the recognized leader in providing statewide information on government, state and local policy issues, the environment, and education. CalChannel has received Emmy and Telly Awards for TV excellence for programs including: “Checks & Balances: The Three Branches of State Government,” and “We the People: Project Citizen 2009.” Over 4.5 million households, schools and businesses receive the network via 118 cable systems statewide.


The California Automotive Teachers Association is a statewide organization of high school and community college automotive teachers. Organized in 1970, CAT promotes the best interests of automotive instruction statewide. Through two member conferences each year, bi-annual newsletters, and online communications the organization keeps auto teachers up-to-date on information affecting their schools, classes and students. Sharing “best practices” in automotive teaching is paramount to the organizations’ mission. CAT members are committed to the highest standards of auto maintenance, excellence in education and responsible environmental stewardship.

The California Trucking Association is a statewide organization serving the motor carrier industry for more than 80 years. Members include individual owner-operators, small fleets, and large international carriers. CTA promotes leadership in the California trucking industry, advocates sound transportation policies and works to maintain a safe, environmentally responsible and efficient California transportation goods movement system. CTA is dedicated to educating today’s youth in an effort to support a new generation of active, responsible young adults, especially those interested in the automotive, trucking, and transportation sector.